About Press pre-registration for Comic Market

Important Notices

In order to prevent further spread of COVID-19, we are cancelling Comic Market 98, originally planned for May 2-5, at Tokyo Big Sight. Plans for Comic Market 99 (Winter 2020) will be announced separately, once the schedule and venue have been confirmed.


※Press registration is only possible if you are one of the below
(1) Journalist, camera man, editor or writer of a printed regular publication or newspaper
(2) Journalist, camera man, editor or writer of an on-line commercial news or information site run by a company
(3) TV crew
(4) Journalist and staff of a radio broadcast
(5) Any freelance persons contracted by any of the above
※Private persons running a blow, buyers, advertisement and PR agencies, non-journalistic departments of media, sales persons, market researches are not allowed entry as press.
※Private persons photographing/filming for non-commercial purposes (e.g. for hobby or academic purposes) do not necessarily need to register for press)

Notes about press activities

■Safety is the highest priority at Comic Market.

For transportation and use of cameras and video equipment, please follow the below and instructions by staff and security personnel

1. Photographing and filming is only allowed, where it is not crowded. Please do not disrupt the flow of people. Certain areas are not allowed to be photographed/filmed, e.g. changing rooms.
2. Do not move tables, chairs or obstruct and entrance, exit, fire equipment, alarms. Any areas marked with red tape can’t be used for conducting interviews, placing equipment, waiting, etc.
3. Always check your surrounding for safety when conducting interviews, photographing or filming
4. Do not photograph or film while moving or against the flow of people, as it might cause accidents.

■Please try to limit your group to 4 or less people. In case of large groups, restrictions might apply. For filming of TV or movies, please limit your group to the minimum people necessary.

■There is no parking space for the press. Please organize transportation and parking yourself. Any unapproved parking or stopping that obstructs traffic is strictly prohibited.

■During press coverage, always wear your ID and badge in visible way.

■Before interviewing or photographing/filming participants, always identify yourself, provide your contact address (with a name card), explain your purpose, and obtain individual permission.

■In case of printed publications, please kindly provide a sample copy of the actual edition covering Comiket by post to the Comic Market Committee. In case of absence, restrictions may apply for future Comikets.

■For TV coverage, please let us know of schedule prior to airing and kindly share a recording with us by postal mail. In case of missed notification or sharing, restrictions may apply for future Comikets.

■Please understand the overall concept, ideals and purpose, etc. of Comiket and kindly try to provide a fair and comprehensive picture.

■Certain planned coverage might be pre-announced to the public, e.g., by Twitter, sharing your pre-registration. We appreciate your understating

■Please send any samples or recordings to the address below.

Comic Market Committee C97, Press Registration
Poste restante / General delivery
Vera heights Dougenzaka #507
Dougenzaka 1-17-19, Shibuya-ku
Tokyo 155-0043